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Madrasah Abdullah Ibne Masood Ra, is the owner, and thus responsible, of this Domain including any of their subdomains and sections, hereafter “Website”:

In this document we provide you with information about cookies, both in a general way and about the ones we use in particular.


What are cookies?

“Cookies” are small compressed text files that allow us to save data specifically related to the user’s device while he is visiting our website.

Generally, when referring to “cookies” on the Internet, reference is also made to other technologies used for similar purposes: for instance, through the technical configuration of your device, or your IP address when you download complete images or simply a “pixel”, data are being collected. This allows us to recognize you when you visit our website again, to know your approximate location, the connection time, the device from which you access (fixed or mobile), the operating system and browser used, the most visited pages, the number of clicks made, among others.

How to manage Cookies?

Web browsers usually allow you to disable the use of cookies; limit them to specific web pages or configure the browser to notify you when a cookie is placed in the device. You can also delete them at any time from your computer’s hard drive (file: “cookies”).

In most cases, a website can be accessed even if the use of cookies has been blocked in the browser settings or when they have not been accepted.

However, typically, when you block the placement of cookies, you can suffer limitations in the presentation of the website and your user interface.

To obtain more detailed information about the cookies installed on your device and how to manage and delete them, please click the link corresponding link in your web browser:


We use cookies in a range of ways to improve your experience on our site, including

  • Keeping you signed in
  • Understanding how you use our site
  • Showing you posts that are relevant you and to this website
  • Sending you notifications of posts and other services offered on this website
  • Showing you Guardian products and services that are relevant to you


(1) Strictly Necessary cookies

Always allow

These cookies enable you to use our Services. These cookies are essential to enable you to browse our Services and use certain features. Disabling them may prevent you from using certain parts of the Services. Without these cookies, services such as shopping activity and paying activity cannot be provided. These cookies also help keep our Services safe and secure.

(2) Preference cookies

Always allow

These cookies store information such as your preferred country and language selection, login data and website preferences. Without these cookies, our Services may not be able to remember certain choices you’ve previously made (such as a saved country / language preference) or personalize your browsing experience by providing you with relevant information. These cookies can also be used to recognize your device so that you do not have to provide the same information more than once.

(3) Performance cookies

Always allow

These cookies collect information about how you use our Services such as which pages you visit regularly. These cookies are used to provide you with a high-quality experience by doing things such as tracking page load, site response times, and error messages.

Targeting / Advertising cookies

Always allow

These cookies gather information about your use of our Services so we may improve your experience and provide you with more relevant content and advertising. They are also used to gather feedback on customer satisfaction through surveys. They remember that you’ve visited our Services and help us understand usage of our Services. Some of these cookies are from third parties that collect information about users of our Services (as described below under “Information collected by third parties on our Services”) in order to provide advertising (on our Services and elsewhere) based on users’ online activities (so-called “interest-based advertising”) on our Services and elsewhere online. The third parties involved in interest-based advertising collect internet browsing information (e.g., websites visited, time of visit) across different websites and over time, and they may use the information they collect on our Services to provide you ads (from us and other companies) across the internet.

In the table below you will find detailed information about all cookies used on Madrasah Abdullah Ibne Masood’s web pages.

First-party cookies on this website

We only use necessary First- party cookies as mentioned above on our website for a limited period so as to improve our services.

Third-party cookies in

Google Analytics (Performance)We collect information of how users interact with the content of the web. When a user browses the pages of a website, information about the page the user has viewed is collected; for example, URL, time spent on the website, number of pages viewed. It allows us to generate labels or objectives to know if you have bought, what item, how many times … It also collects demographic and navigation data, that is; where does the user come from, how does he get to our website or what campaign does he come fromCLICK
Google Ads (Advertising / Analysis)We collect data from visitors to our pages to analyze behavior and impact them with our ads if they finally do not register or do not subscribe. Also, to be able to impact users similar to those who visit us or similar to those registered or subscribed that are not clients.CLICK HERE
Google (Advertising / Analysis)sidccUsed by Google to obtain anonymous information about browsingCLICK HERE
sapisidIt is created when you log into a Google account in order to remain connected to that same Google account when using its services againCLICK HERE
apisidIt is created when you log into a Google account in order to remain connected to that same Google account when using its services againCLICK HERE
ssidIt is created when you log into a Google account in order to remain connected to that same Google account when using its services againCLICK HERE
dsidUsed by Google to display more relevant adsCLICK HERE
ideUsed by Google to display more relevant adsCLICK HERE
anidUsed by Google to personalize the ads displayed in the websiteCLICK HERE
Google Tag Manager (Advertising / Analysis)Google Tag Manager is a tag management system that allows third parties to add functionality to websites, video content, and mobile applications. Examples of such solutions include web analytics, campaign analytics, audience measurement, personalization, allows you to quickly and easily update tags and code snippets on a website or your mobile applications, such as those intended for analytics traffic and optimize marketing campaigns. You can add and update custom, third-party or Google Analytics.
CloudFlare (Performance/Functionality)_cflb, _cf_bm y _cfduidIt is used to override any security restrictions based on the IP address the visitor is coming from. It does not correspond to any user identification in the web application, nor does the cookie store any personally identifiable informationCLICK HERE

We recommend that you review this cookie policy each time you connect to our Websites. Madrasah Abdullah Ibne Masood Ra reserves the right to modify its content at any given time.

In any case, Madrasah Abdullah Ibne Masood Ra will may or may not notify or announce the new content and the dates on which a revision of these terms occurs, for the information of its users.

Advertisement Policy

1. We don’t review the ads.

We maintain no discretion for determining the types of ads that will be accepted and displayed on Madrasah Abdullah Ibne Masood Ra properties. In case of any explicit , we reserve the right to reject, cancel, or remove any ads at any time and for any reason. We will provide prompt notice to the advertiser upon rejection, cancellation, or removal of any ad, along with an explanation. We also reserve the right to determine the appropriate placement of ads on Madrasah Abdullah Ibne Masood Ra properties.

2. We don’t endorse any advertised products or services.

Although products may appear on our site in the form of advertisements, under no circumstances shall our acceptance of any ad be considered an endorsement of the product(s) and/or service(s) advertised, or for the company that manufactures, distributes, or promotes these product(s) or service(s). In any case, Madrasah Abdullah Ibne Masood Ra’s editorial team won’t rate or rank products or services.

3. We clearly distinguish ads from editorial content.

In every instance, we maintain a distinct separation between advertisements and editorial content. All ads on Madrasah Abdullah Ibne Masood Ra properties are clearly and unambiguously identified as such. Clicking on an ad will take the user to an advertiser’s site or to a sponsor’s resource center for which, we are not responsible.

IMPORTANT – Third Party Links, Advertisements, Websites and Content

We do not review or monitor any websites, advertisements, or other media linked to or available through the Site and are not responsible for the content of any such third party advertisements or linked websites. Prior to purchasing any third party products or services described in the ADVERTISEMNT on the Site, you are advised to verify pricing, product quality and other information necessary to make an informed purchase. Neither Madrasah Abdullah Ibne Masood Ra nor its parent or any of its subsidiaries, divisions, affiliates, agents, representatives or licensors shall have any liability arising from your purchases of third party products ,or services mentioned in ADVERTISEMENTS based upon the information provided on the Site, and we shall not receive or review complaints regarding such purchases.

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