Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani Sahab .

Importance of Islamic Letters.

Guidance of Ummah and role of Ulama.

Why ummah is under black shadows.

Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi Ra story.

Goal of political management.

Two ways of wardship, governorate.

Real way of correction.

Order and divorce.

Child marriage and Islamic Perspective.

Fate of our future generations.

Holy Quran is the greatest blessing ever.

Media and Politics.

Atrocities in the name of law.

Why Islamic nurturing is important.

Islam will stand till day of resurrection.

Zara e Iblag ka tariqa.

# Credits:
Tahaffuz e deen e duniya , All India Muslim Personal Law Board - Youtube.

Short Term Alim /Alimah course

Madrasah Abdullah Ibne Masood Ra (Madrasah Aim) is a leading Sort Term Alimiyat Course Institute in Hyderabad, Affiliated to AL MAHAD UL AALI AL ISLAMI HYDERABAD. Under the guardianship of Faqeeh Ul Asr Hazrat Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani Sahab DB.

Madrasah Aim offers Five year Alimiyat Course across all its branches in Hyderabad.

Madrasah Taaleem Ul Quran (Nagpur) is an Affiliated Institute of Madrasah Aim and is under the Management of the later.

Madrasah Aim Now Offers Executive Degree in Online Alim and Alimah Course for the duration of years, and is comprised of the same syllabus as that of the Offline Madrasah.

The syllabus is designed for people who are either distant from Higher Islamic Studies or are busy in earning their livelihood, studying and retired.

The program also caters specially on the higher Islamic studies of Housewife’s. The program is designed for evening hours so that one can continue their daily routine in day time and attend the Madrasah in Night.

The course is Designed for Brothers and Sisters of all ages not less than 14 years of age.

Although the course is same as that of the offline Madrasah, special emphasis is made on the Online teaching environment that comprises:

(1) One to one interactive classes

(2) Classes being commenced in Urdu

(3) Daily Home works

(4) Assignments

(5) Soft copies of all the books

(6 ) Student interactive groups for males and females separately

(7) Student portal for 24/7 support

Madrasah Aim  offers a dynamic path to seeking ilm with on site and online learning facility.

The course caters  especially to individuals seeking to gain in depth Knowledge of higher Islamic studies with the comfort of their home.

All in all the syllabus has been made concise  and divided over a period of five years comprising of 10 semesters, two semesters in each term to ensure that all the required knowledge is provided to the students given that it should be hassle free yet useful in their daily life.

Who shall be responsible for Secularism.

Three ways of NIKAH.

Devouring us of our rights.

Characters of Daayi.

What is Thankfullness.

Right upbringing of children.

MUSLIM PERSONAL LAW and misconceptions.

Polygamy in Hinduism.

What is Article 25 ?

Management of expense in Shariah.

Exclusive interview of HM Khalid Saifullah Rahmani Sahab.

Use of Technology in India.

Way of Khula and Talaq in Shariah.

Right of inheritance of Islamic women.

# Credits:
Tahaffuz e deen e duniya , All India Muslim Personal Law Board - Youtube.